Sonia’s Covid-19 Healthy Routine

After more than two weeks of a nationwide lockdown, the Italian government has decided to expand the mandatory closure of nonessential commercial activities to heavy industry in the eurozone’s third-largest economy, a major exporter of machinery, textiles and other goods. on Friday night, the authorities tightened the nationwide lockdown, closing parks, banning outdoor activities including walking or jogging far from home…

Exercise 1 : Vocabulary: guess the meaning:

Exercise 2 : Comprehension
Play the video and say if the following statements are:

Exercise 3 : Vocabulary : which past?


to GO

to  MISS


to JOG

to BAN

to  LOCK

to  SHUT


Exercise 4 : Discussion: what is your current daily routine? Has it changed compared to before? How?Describe it in 30-35 words.

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