Let’s Begin…

A lot can happen at a bus stop whenever an exceptionally introverted boy stumbles upon an exceptionally extroverted girl.

Exercise 1 :

What, in fact, is in the box?

Can you write down four of adjectives that get to be posted on people ?

Do you find it easier to write or to talk to people? Why?

“A human being necessarily belongs together with another one: the couple is created in order to be together. (..)”…whenever solitude is sought or cultivated, whenever people retreat to a solitary state, they are striving (perhaps unconsciously) for something beyond what is generally accepted, beyond the norm, for some kind of superiority. They are seeking excellence, a special or unique position, comparable to that of God or other heroic figures.” Do you agree with this line of thoughts? Source : Contemporary Solitude: The Joy and Pain of Being Alone
by Joanne Wieland-Burston

Exercise 2:

How do you usually behave when you are in the presence of some stranger(s)? In a waiting room ; in an elevator; at a doctor’s office ..?

Do you usually leave notes (post-its) around? what / who for?

Supposing you could interview the director and writer of this short movie, what question(s) would you ask?

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