Cat Stevens

Complete with the missing words :

You can 1)___ whatever you want to do
2)_____ you want? You can 3)___
You can 4)____ a tiger or walk the 5)__
Anything you 6)___ can be true

You can 7)____ the world as it passes by
Or you can 8) ___ it stop for 9)___
You can 10)____ at 11)____or brave a storm
When the blizzard blows

You can 12)____ around in the 13)____
Or 14)____ from the 15)_____
You can 16)__ in bed and do 17)____
Or rise and 18)____
You can 19)___ whatever comes around
But 20)___ don’t 21)____ what’s mine

You can 22)___ whatever you want to do
23)_____ you want? You can 24)___
You can 25)___ whatever you 26)___ to say
But if you do then, 27)___ make it 28)___

You can chase a 29)____ in the black of the 30)___
Or you can 31)_____ it 32)____ to you
You can treat the 33)____ like a piece of dust or a pot of 34)____

You can 35)___ a 36)____ in your heart or you can grow 37)____
You can laze around in your 38)___ or put on a 39)___
You can be the be the 40)___ of the company
or just 41)_____ the queue
You can 42)___ your 43)____ to the dark or make it bright

You can’t stop the 44)_____ of the world
If you can’t make it 45)____
You can hide 46)_ ___ when the soldiers start to march out
You can 47)____ to what they 48)___ or you can shout.

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